4 Frames Stainless Steel Manual Honey Extractor with Holder Silver

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  • 4 Frames Stainless Steel Manual Honey Extractor with Holder Silver
  • 4 Frames Stainless Steel Manual Honey Extractor with Holder Silver
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4 FRAMES HONEY EXTRACTOR: 4 solid baskets inside allows to hold 3 frames at once
ANTI-CORROSION & ANTI-RUST MATERIAL: the barrel and inner frame is uses food grade 304 steel, safe and healthy. The holder adopts 201 steel, which is not easy to rust and can be used outdoors.
SQUARE HOLE POSITION: The honey extractor handle changed from the traditional circular hole to square hole, so it is not easy to fall off.
WELL-CRAFT & EASY INSTALLATION HONEY GATE VALVE: The honey gate valve get rid of the traditional two-sided rubber honey gate valve (not easy to install), and it adopts the external direct installation of honey gate valve, which makes the installation easier. Moreover, the honey gate valve and frame are polished carefully to avoid cut hand during installation.
FIXED POINT: the honey extractor has a fixed point in support leg, so that it can make the machine more stable and you can fix the honey machine conveniently.

A honey extractor is a good assistant for rookie and expert beekeeper. It's smooth and efficient to help you to get honey as much as possible, and it can save the user time and labor. The stainless steel allows for easy clean-up and a sleek finish. The easy installation honey gate valve is convenient for you to collect your product. Don't hesitate to buy it!

1. High grade stainless steel, anti-corrosion and anti-rust
2. 4-frames design
3. Square hole position handle, not easy to fall off
4. Well-craft and easy installation honey gate valve for convenient use
5. Fixed point makes the machine stable
6. Detachable and easy to clean

1. Color: Silver
2. Material: Barrel & Inner Frame: Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel? Stand: 201 Stainless Steel
3. Overall Height: 47.3¡±
4. Medium Height: 44"
5. Minimum Height: 40.6"
6. Diameter: 19.3¡±
7. Handle Dimensions: Hand Part Length: 3.9"? Support Part Length: 5.1"
8. Barrel Height without Stand: 24.3"
9. Frame Dimensions: 10¡± x 7¡±
10. Frame Depth: 15.7"
11. Weight: 14lbs

Package Includes:
1 x Honey Extractor
1 x Manual

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